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ur Boy B started making music around age 13 with two turntables and a mic, spinnin' vinyl and spittin' freestyles. Grew up in the boondox of Michigan and spent my summers out west in Washington. Went to school studying Entrepreneurship & Media Arts Entertainment Technology, I focused on the business end of things while cultivating my talent. Harvesting yields like rockin' shows with artist such as AJAX, Dayton Family, E.S.H.A.M., Gucci Mane, HED(P.E.), Joey Cough, Kottomouth Kings, & Lil Wyte. B Boy dropt the B-Sides EP on 10-11-12; Recorded in Detroit @ the w4 studios now dubbed the Marley Room released on TwentyTwelve MultiMedia! 100% independent and keepin it underground.

Ill Legal.

Also make sure you check out ur Boy Bs' side project at www.illButStillLegal.com

TwentyTwelve MultiMedia, LLC.

Believing in being self-built, 2012 x Media is 100% INDIPENDENT... Developing artists, booking shows, releasing albums; Empowerment!